About the Work

A work of art that you hold in your hand, the paperweight, becomes a personal connection from the artist to the collector. The highest level of creative glass design is represented in contemporary lamp work paperweights. These miniature works of art are extremely labor intensive. Each flower, petal and leaf, every component of the design is made individually, by hand, one at a time. It is then assembled to create the arrangement you see. Then, in a separate process, the lamp work design is encased. Encapsulated in crystal clear glass, the design is forever sealed in its own little world, a unique work of art.

Click here to read “Ken Rosenfeld: The magical link between artist and collector” by Angela Bowey. Taken from the Annual Bulletin of the Paperweight Collectors Association 2018.

About the Artist

My paperweight expertise evolved from a formal art and technical background; a Bachelor’s degree from the University of California and a Master’s of Fine Arts degree from Southern Illinois University complete the education. Over 35 years of studio and scientific glasswork have also provided essential steps in my artistic development.

The creative challenges of glass have guided me to pursue a career in lamp work paperweights. My glass art is documented in several current books and is included in the permanent collections of the following:

  • Museum of American Glass, New Jersey
  • Canterbury Museum, New Zealand
  • The Bergstrom-Mahler Museum, Wisconsin

My work has been featured in the Smithsonian Institution catalog and is available at major art galleries and through dealers worldwide.

Click here to read artist’s statement “Images Captured in Glass”