Ken Rosenfeld

Contemporary Paperweight Design



throughout history every culture has revered the rooster. This brightly colored bird is completely upright with an ‘attitude’



a realistic and detailed frog rests on a tree branch over a brilliant red ground with copper colored goldstone nuggets


Blackberry bouquet

sunflower, blue and purple daisies and ruby colored flowers make a bright and colorful display



a highly detailed fish swims over a reef composed of brain coral, sea anemone, starfish and sea urchin with seaweed set on an aqua-green base


Clichy rose bouquet

composed with a balanced and colorful floral and berry arrangement, this paperweight has spectacular all-over experimental fancy cutting



a single full blooming rose with buds provides a classic paperweight motif set on a star cut base


Purple and white clematis bouquet

includes three full bloom clematis and a blue morning glory set on a brilliant amber/red flash base with deep side cutting



two realistic ripe and one unripe berry with white blossoms and foliage compose this simple and elegant design


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